Who am I?

Laurencio Scheurwater is a diligent 27 year old creative enthusiast and Communication & Multimedia Design student at your service!

In a more practical sense I would consider myself a multi-faceted graphic designer, at least that's what my foundation is. But with a disposition that is curious more than anything, I could never really pinpoint my exact positioning as a designer in general. Until now.

I was taught the world of design through the lens of separate principles or themes. Over time and due to my curious nature, I found that I was equally interested in all that were studied. That's how I noticed that everything in design could have a meaningful connection one way or another.

For the time being, I think that an apt description for my position as a designer is that I want to solve complex problems on a practical level and tell and interpret stories on a speculative level. Regardless, I want my work to help people and I believe that that's where it all comes together anyways.

Practical designer by day, storyteller by night.