(user experience & interface design, HTML/CSS, research)

A concept for an app which tackles the problem of loitering youths in local areas. A platform where all organized facilities for these youths can be centralized while embedding certain aspects which speak to the habitual nature and behaviours of this group.

The process

This school project produced a clickable prototype of an app concept, made in HTML and CSS. It is the result of various endeavors within the domain of user experience design. These would include researching the experience of the chosen target group, considering and applying app design principles and heuristics (both generally speaking and in other similar apps), and realizing the app in accordance with the insights and results of user testing.

During the realization process, I started off with low fidelity wireframes to build a viable user flow. From then on I increased the fidelity of both the user experience as well as the user interface step-by-step, with every step going through a round of tests to gain new feedback for the next step.

The product

The final prototype has two main functions. The first of which is providing an interactive map overview of the locations of current and upcoming events. These events can be organized by both the users themselves or people like event organizers who work or volunteer in the social interest of the youth. The second main function of the app will link its users with available 'tutors' who organize workshops and offer personal guidance pertaining to the activity the tutor specializes in. They have the ability to attain a 'certified' status to ensure quality control. Both of the main functions would ideally be calibrated by the user themselves.

For additional functionality, secondary features are implemented to keep the user journey contained within the app. These secondary features include the ability to chat and call with established contacts, create a customizable profile to tweak personal preferences and an explore section to highlight and search for content.